Anonymous asked: How would you describe a kiss when writing it? Not a first kiss, but a slow, loving and passionate kiss. PLEASE help!

We’re going to direct you to some great resources for how-tos on writing kisses. They’ll teach you the mechanics of a kiss and how to write a successful, meaningful kissing scene.

But first, we get to have our say, and we have three nuggets of advice to give on this subject:

  1. Don’t write kiss, write everything else. A “slow, loving and passionate kiss” does not include the actual word kiss if at all possible. Write what the character(s) is feeling. Write using the senses (cross off smell, touch, sight, taste, and sound from your list as you write). The word kiss is for pecks in the cheek and quick goodbyes. A passionate kiss is everything but kiss, if you catch our meaning.
  2. Less is more. You don’t need three paragraphs of exposition to describe a kiss. Write as much as you can and weed out the stuff that doesn’t make you sigh. Focus your writing to be as intimate as you can. A kiss involves two people. A real kiss makes the reader forget everything but those two people.
  3. Keep your characters in character. Think very hard about what a passionate kiss between two characters means for them individually. For a villain, it could mean salvation, redemption, self-loathing. For a young woman in love, it could be trust, happiness, a future. You get the idea. Your characters will all approach a kiss with something different, and they will likely focus on different things, so keep that in mind when you describe the physical aspects of a kiss as well as their feelings.

Ok, now for the articles we promised:

Thank you for your question!

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