C has been toying with a new theme that will show more links in the sidebar for super-navigation and which includes a search box. The link above is to the template, so don’t expect too much from the links in the sidebar or anything. We’d just like to know what you think of the layout/font size/etc..


  1. thedyketheywarnyouabout answered: I’m a bit of a slut for search bars so, I like it :)
  2. ivaridgeway answered: I think that new theme is pretty good! The links look easily accessible and the layout is simple.
  3. wickederthanyou answered: I hate to say this because it exposes my superficiality, but while it’s functional it lacks style. I am glib, sorry. D:
  4. aunden answered: I like this new theme! It’s easy to navigate and has good readability.
  5. farleythewolf answered: Shiny! Fits way better on my laptop screen.
  6. emma---paige answered: Hm. I like how easy it is to find links, but maybe too much. Perhaps have all the links under ‘Everyday’ etc come up when you hover over it?
  7. pointeless-doodles answered: Helpful, simple, and understandable… I like it c:
  8. nobledonna answered: It’s a good layout, although I do prefer the one you currently have. :)
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