Are you looking for “unsaddle” or it’s lesser known synonym “offsaddle”?

Unsaddle (v): To remove a saddle from a horse.

swifthorse lays some knowledge on us: Untack is commonly used in the horse world.

Untack (v): Remove the saddle and bridle from (a horse).

For more on horse care after riding, check out:

If you happen to know more about this than we do (that wouldn’t be difficult) feel free to chime in. Is there specific terminology for this?

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  7. farleythewolf answered: If it’s for the night, you remove the tack, groom, then turn them out or stable them. If you’ve been riding hard, they need to be cooled off.
  8. starofairdrie answered: in the US with ‘untack’. You cool them out (so they aren’t sweaty), rub them down (brush/towel), then blanket them (US) or rug them up
  9. bluesrat said: You unbridle and unsaddle the horse, cool it down, and groom it. You should also check the hooves. A working rider may not always have time to be thorough, and in the field the tack may be put back on if the rider expects to need to leave quickly.
  10. swifthorse answered: Untack is commonly used in the horse world.
  11. iamshadowthehedgehog said: OP might already know this, but just in case they do not: horses are usually brushed before and after riding. There are several different brushes used in this process, so they might want to look into that also.
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    Because horses are not the tireless chore-free automaton transportation devices fiction makes them out to be. :T
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