soulsearcher24 asked: I’ve gotten a lot of feedback so far, and a lot of people actually suggested a side blog. Why would you suggest making an entirely separate blog? I’ve found a lot of benefits to making it a side blog, but some advice on the other end of the spectrum would be greatly appreciated. I also want to thank you for that link; I’ll certainly keep it in mind while I work on my own writing blog.

There are pros and cons on both sides of the debate here. Should a writing blog be a primary blog or a side blog? We think the answer to that depends on the blog in question, so we’re going to tell you want we think then ask other writing help blogs how they do things and hope that they’ll take a break from being awesome and share their thoughts.

From the Blog Management page of Tumblr Help:

A primary blog is the first one you created when you signed up for Tumblr. It gives you full use of Tumblr’s social features, including Follow, Like, Reply, Ask, and Submit. You cannot, however, enable password protection or add multiple users.

Unlike your primary blog, additional blogs can be password-protected for privacy, and you can add multiple users to create and manage posts. Additional blogs, however, cannot follow other blogs, like posts, ask questions, or submit to other blogs.

So, let’s ask some questions. The answers to these questions will dictate what type of blog you’ll end up having.

Do any other writing help blogs want to weigh in on this?

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  2. livewritedream said: is the trouble of signing in and out between a primary and a personal. The pros outweigh the cons, that is. -Laikyn
  3. livewritedream answered: We have actually answered this question, and we feel that it is definitely best to make a primary blog. The only downfall to having a primary
  4. bitternakano said: A possible way to get around the no sideblog asks is to create an account called “blogname-asks” and have them link back to each other. It might not be worth the hassle though.
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