Congratulations, you have reached the easiest part of the story-telling process. All of your research, your character creation, your plotting, and your world building is ready to be synthesized into what will become the first draft of your story! All you have to do now is write it! Wicked easy, right?

Kind of. Writing is a very personal process. No one can tell you when or how to be creative; you learn how you navigate your creative process by tapping into it often. Go tap. Do that now.

As far as starting to write your story down, here’s what you do: Put the pen on the paper and start writing words. Make sure you phrase those words into sentences and structure those sentences into paragraphs with dialogue and description (or not). Keep writing these sentences until you finish telling the story. Don’t stop until the whole thing is out there in ink on paper. 

Alternatively, you could do this on a computer. Or with a pencil.

The crux of it is this: The story is not going to get written unless you write it. So write it.

Read these articles and come back to us if you need further assistance!

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