1. accusatory: charging of wrong doing
  2. apathetic: indifferent due to lack of energy or concern
  3. awe: solemn wonder
  4. bitter: exhibiting strong animosity as a result of pain or grief
  5. cynical: questions the basic sincerity and goodness of people 
  6. condescension; condescending: a feeling of superiority
  7. callous: unfeeling, insensitive to feelings of others
  8. contemplative: studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue
  9. critical: finding fault
  10. choleric: hot-tempered, easily angered
  11. contemptuous: showing or feeling that something is worthless or lacks respect
  12. caustic: intense use of sarcasm; stinging, biting
  13. conventional: lacking spontaneity, originality, and individuality 
  14. disdainful: scornful
  15. didactic: author attempts to educate or instruct the reader
  16. derisive: ridiculing, mocking
  17. earnest: intense, a sincere state of mind
  18. erudite: learned, polished, scholarly 
  19. fanciful: using the imagination 
  20. forthright: directly frank without hesitation
  21. gloomy: darkness, sadness, rejection
  22. haughty: proud and vain to the point of arrogance
  23. indignant: marked by anger aroused by injustice
  24. intimate: very familiar
  25. judgmental: authoritative and often having critical opinions
  26. jovial: happy
  27. lyrical: expressing a poet’s inner feelings; emotional; full of images; song-like
  28. matter-of-fact: accepting of conditions; not fanciful or emotional
  29. mocking: treating with contempt or ridicule
  30. morose: gloomy, sullen, surly, despondent
  31. malicious: purposely hurtful
  32. objective: an unbiased view-able to leave personal judgments aside
  33. optimistic: hopeful, cheerful
  34. obsequious: polite and obedient in order to gain something
  35. patronizing: air of condescension
  36. pessimistic: seeing the worst side of things; no hope
  37. quizzical: odd, eccentric, amusing
  38. ribald: offensive in speech or gesture
  39. reverent: treating a subject with honor and respect
  40. ridiculing: slightly contemptuous banter; making fun of
  41. reflective: illustrating innermost thoughts and emotions
  42. sarcastic: sneering, caustic
  43. sardonic: scornfully and bitterly sarcastic
  44. satiric: ridiculing to show weakness in order to make a point, teach
  45. sincere: without deceit or pretense; genuine
  46. solemn: deeply earnest, tending toward sad reflection
  47. sanguineous: arduous, bloodthirsty, brutal, murderous AND optimistic, cheerful
  48. whimsical: odd, strange, fantastic; fun

Source: mshogue.com

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