Anonymous asked: "Excuse me, I couldn't help but wonder at the word "sanguineous" which derives from the word "sanguine" in French and implies blood? Are you certain that it means "optimistic"? Because I think that's quite contradictory, and doesn't relate in the least, but then again I may not be so educated."

Yeah weird. I don’t know WHAT was going on there.

Changed it!

Thanks for point that out, anon!


  1. elfflame said: Sanguine means to be accepting of what is about to come, not optimistic. But yes, it is derived from the same root as blood. :D
  2. lonelyassassin said: I was pretty sure Sanguine meant both “bloody” and “hopeful”. Of course I did learn that from Firefly.
  3. tinocka said: I believe it may relate to AristotleĀ“s (I believe) 4 personality types based on body liquids. Sanguinic (not sure about spelling) is the type thatĀ“s supposed to have the most blood and is supposed to be optimistic, spontaneous and outgoing.
  4. ave-aria said: "Sanguine" is a humor that indicated someone was lively/lustful. Someone with Sanguine humor had red face, hair, clothes, & was outgoing. People used to believe excess fluids in a body affected their temperment; Blood = fiestiness.
  5. sotto-belle said: Uh, guys, look up the Four Humors. It really does mean optimistic.
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