Today we’ll be covering the FANTASY genre! (Wiki article definition)

(NOTE: The Read More break exists due to the broadness of this particular genre, and the following list is very extensive.)

THIS LIST INCLUDES: Sub-Genres (by Theme and Setting), Fantasy Character Archetypes, Character Classes, list of Fantasy Races, NamesWorld-Building,Story Arcs / Formulas,and Magic.

(REMEMBER: The following are not solely confined to the Fantasy genre! For example: the story formulas can be used in any genre, just perhaps utilized differently.)

SUB-GENRES (by Theme)

SUB-GENRES (by Setting)


Character Archetypes ~ Includes character quest, fears, tasks, etc, of each archetype

Archetypes, Myths, and Characters

Common Stereotypes ~ Some found in Fantasy and others across other genres of fiction


image(Examples of Archetypes with Traits. Source)

Creating Archetypal Characters to Fill The Dramatic Functions in Your Novel

Character Archetypes in High Fantasy Literature ~ Includes PDF download


Fantasy Character Classes on TVTropes ~ Includes extra links

Pathfinder Class Archetypes with links

Fusion Class Generator ~ Merges different genres to create inventive character classes

Dungeons and Dragons Prestige Class List


The Five Races according to TVTropes ~ Includes extra links

Fantastic Sapient Species Tropes

Library of Creatures

Mythical Creatures A-Z

Mythical Creatures List ~ Categorized by type, culture mythology, and attribute. Very extensive, literally thousands listed.


RinkWorks’ Name Gen ~ Choose from long to short, vowel- or consonant-heavy, names with apostrophes / dashes, etc.

Surname Generator

Random RPG Name Generator ~ Name Drows, Elves, Humans, Dragons, and Magical Books

Dragons Mark Name Gen ~ Includes different types, such as accented, Deverry style, Celtic style, Tolkien style, etc.

Fantasy Name Generators

Red Dragon Inn Generators ~ Includes dwarven names, elven names, tavern names, gems, equipment, town generator, etc.


Standard Fantasy Setting

List of Existing Fantasy Worlds

Creating a Realistic Fantasy World

Contemporary Fantasy: Setting the Fantastic in the Everyday World

Fantasy WorldBuilding Questions ~ Includes details like history, people and customs, magic, commerce, and daily life.

World Creation Column

Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds ~ Covers physics, weather, geography, astronomy, zoology, anthropology, etc.


The Seven Basic Plots according to Christopher Booker ~ Includes various categories with stages in each, also has examples

The Hero’s Journey archetypal story pattern

Story Arc Generator

Eight-Point Arc Story Structure



Overused Standards of Fantasy Literature

How Cliches Can Help You Create Great Characters

Writing World: SF/Fantasy Catagory

Fantasy WorldBuilding Resources ~ Extensive list that not only covers general fantasy worlds, but also includes links for fantasy creatures, medieval life, mythology, etc. ~ Fantastic generator website that carries generators for culture, people, places, names, accessories, plot, etc. Highly recommended.

If anyone has any fellow advice, suggestions, or if you have any questions, you’re always welcome to submit!


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