One of the best ways to break through writer’s block or stretch your writing skills is to pick a story starter and just start writing.

Suggestions on how to use each generator are included with the generator.

Caveat: There’s always a temptation to keep looking for the “perfect” idea, but then you need to ask yourself…are you really just trying to avoid writing?

Problem: You can’t get a story started

Solution: Archetype’s Plot Scenario Generator

What it is: This generator provides you with the event that gets the story rolling and a secondary conflict to keep you going!

Problem: Your characters lack depth 

Solution: Archetype’s Character Generator

What it is: A quick character sketch filled with the kinds of little details that makes stories engaging: character gender, cardinal traits, weaknesses, and most prized possession. Just like us, characters’ behaviors and preferences should be rooted in both genetics and past experience.

Problem: Your characters don’t feel like “real” people 

Solution: Archetype’s Everyday Problems Generator

What it is: The details are what make characters real, and characters, like us, have little quirks, problems, and beliefs that make them unique. Indiana Jones is afraid of snakes, Monk has OCD, and Clark Kent has that little Kryptonite allergy. This generator will help you add depth to characters by suggesting everyday fears, quirks, beliefs, and problems.

Looking for something you don’t see? You can try the Search function or make a suggestion!

Using Prompts and Idea Generators

Ten Reasons Why You Should Use Writing Prompts by Deanna Mascle

Getting Yourself Started

An Exercise in Various Beginnings by Joy Cagil

Need Character Names or Just a Little Fun?

The Seventh Sanctum Randomization Station - the biggest generator resource online

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