Congratulations to the First Five!

The submissions are still pouring in. We’re so glad that you have all seemed to enjoy this challenge so much!

Keep ‘em comin’, guys, because we’re having a blast reading all of them!

Maybe we should do more Challenges like this?

  1. skimmerskir answered: Yes please!
  2. lykerawr answered: I didn’t get a chance to write because i was taking a nap for work but please do more! Can they be posted 1/2 a week at a specif time!? <3
  3. awildellethappears answered: You should definitely do more challenges like this. I had a blast. :)
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  5. captaintwerkmerica answered: Definitely!
  6. keyboardsmashwriters answered: yesplz
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    GUYS LOOK I’M ON THE LIST also I wrote mine like really quickly so ignore things like grammar and such but if you could...
  8. wregular said: Do more like this when I’m at a computer so I can enter
  9. adisappearance answered: adsfkljsdkjlf :3
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