I was thinking today about what it would be like to have a character who is perfectly nice to your MC—maybe even the nicest person the MC meets over the course of the story. But there’s a downside. That lovely, generous, kind character has an intense, murderous hatred of a group of people (such as racial groups, religious groups, etc.) that is the product of ignorance and/or prejudice. The MC is not a member of this hated group and so is not exposed to any of the prejudiced wrath of the “nice” character.

How would you approach something like that in your writing?

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  3. ricketarh answered: Trying to like that character, but noticing the hatred more with time. Aversion/ignoring to keep relationship/not caring/trying to change it.
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    On a slight tangent, the main villain of In Blood is a perfectly nice guy who is committing genocide of a marginalized...
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  8. werewolfoverlord12 answered: it would depend if it had anything to do with the story itself. if the MC is affected by it, or can’t accept it, i’d deal with it accordingly
  9. ruiningjokesinspace answered: i guess if someone is capable of that kind of hatred, they arent really that nice. or have some kind of past trauma warping their perceptions
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    I’ve been toying with the idea of a character along these liens. I feel I would really work on trying to show the MC’s...
  12. goodcuppachai answered: That depends on the MC’s temperment and personality.
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  14. gethinfiltrator answered: I’d approach it as something as a slow reveal; the more the MC saw the friend interact with that group, the more vile they’d seem.
  15. ameftowriter answered: Maybe at first it would be just discreet and subtle hints then at the end would show the person’s true colours…
  16. krisqee answered: The NC - ‘nice character’ - either goes off on a rant or changes the subject when the hated group is brought up?
  17. justauseronline answered: The MC wouldn’t have anything against the group of people, but accept the “nice” characters prejudice/racism. He/she would ask the reason…
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    Peep Show featured a similar plotline during series 2, episode 2. The “nice” character’s hatred/prejudice was revealed...