anonymous asked: Do you think creative writing workshops are useful? There’s one starting in my hometown next month, and I’m tempted to join; BUT in the past I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in a class or workshop I tend to sacrifice my personal style for what the teacher wants. Any advice on how to handle this? Thanks.

Joining a writing workshop is a unique experience. It can foster your work, but it can also frustrate you. An important part of determining how the workshop process affects you is your own attitude towards it, so we are going to try to give you some workshopping tips in order to make the process as helpful as it can be.

First, what’s a workshop?

Workshop (n): A writing community dedicated to giving writing advice through lessons and personal feedback.

Sounds fun, yes? It also probably sounds terrifying. Have no fear. Workshops weren’t created to intimidate, but rather to educate. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a workshop is right for you:

When you workshop, give the other people your respect. Criticize their work politely and take their criticisms as they are: ideas from one individual writer. No story, no matter how marvelous, is right for everyone, so don’t feel that your workshop piece has to be. At the end of the day, it’s your work and you can do what you want, but know that the most important thing to do at a workshop is to go in with an open mind.

Thanks for your question. If you have any comments, criticisms (remember, be polite and specific!), questions, declarations of affection, etc., feel free to use our ask box!

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