jemlouisewrites asked you: I was wondering what your opinion on posting entire chapters and longer stories on tumblr were. I used to post on wattpad where you couldn’t copy the text within a story to avoid plagiarism but since that’s not the case on tumblr I’m a bit worried about it happening. On the writing tag not many people seem to post full chapters and I wanted to know whether you think it’s best to just post shorter excerpts rather than the entire thing.

Figment is pretty effing awesome. I mean, really, really cool. Check ‘em out. They have an awesome community, and they don’t allow users to copy the text of a piece either. Sounds like what you’re looking for!

You might also take a look at our post called Writing Sites for Posting Work Online and Getting Good Feedback for potential replacements. Figment’s on that list, too. (Hey, Figment! We love you!)

As far as posting your writing on Tumblr, it’s up to you. You own the copyright to your writing, but if someone steals it off of Tumblr, you may not know until something really uncool has happened.

My opinion is that if it’s just fun writing like fan fiction or something, then you’re fine to post it on Tumblr. If it’s something you’re going to try to get people to pay for eventually (i.e., published), I wouldn’t post more than snippets of it (see Cassie Clare for examples of what I mean by “snippet”) on Tumblr. Just in case.

But that’s just my opinion! I would be very interested to hear other opinions on posting whole chapters to Tumblr! Anyone?

Thank you for your question!


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    This helped a lot XDDDD Hey! Wattpad is cool too…hmm better try figment too I suppose :DDD
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    Would it make any difference if I decline to press charges against myself?
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