I step out of the shower and reach for a towel when my feet begin to lift off the ground. I grasp the curtain though my trembling fingers. As I continue to rise, I try to hold on to the curtain as the rest of me floats like a helium balloon. The rings pop each one by one as I try to climb down back down the plastic to solid ground. My fingers just graze the bar as the last ring pops.

I float out into the infinite unimaginable empty of the universe. 

The moon only laughs at my naughty bits. Mars was simply too shy to say anything. Venus smirks at me but mercury cannot see a thing in the glare. Jupiter gives a hearty laugh. “Where are you off to traveler?” He asks.

I tell him “I do not know where my adventure will take me.”

I take a rest on Saturn’s rings but they feel like winter asphalt under my clean toes. Neptune only shakes its head at me as I summersault on by. Uranus sees my anus and we both feel embarrassed.

Then spot Pluto, tiny and alone. I tell it that the scientists made a mistake and I land on its surface. That’s where I find my hairbrush.