Looking for a Tumblr book club? This one’s great! They’re about to start readingĀ The Fault in Our Stars by John Green!

(Also, look for the WriteWorld Book Club to start up again in the next few months! [Hopefully for real this time, though].)


WriteWorld Book Club is BACK!


The Team

Hey everyone! Don’t forget to nominate a book for the WriteWorld Book Club! Nominations close on the 20th of March at midnight EST. You may nominate as many books as you like, though please nominate each book in a separate message.

Nominate Here! or See What Other People Have Nominated!

You can see April’s nominations (thus far) by clicking this link!

Got a book to nominate? Tell us here!

The idea for a WriteWorld Book Club seems popular and we’ve gotten some great ideas from interested followers, so we’re going ahead with it!

Things to know:

Thank you very much for your continuing support of WriteWorld and we look forward to reading with you!