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Because of my longstanding love affair with booktubers, I have become a bit infatuated with the type of video known as a Challenge or, more specifically, a Book Hunt Challenge. This is the sort of video where a person, usually a booktuber, creates a timed game (or book hunt) for other booktubers to play that involves finding certain types of books in their home library. Here’s an example of a great Challenge which is also sort of the inspiration for this post.

My friend Eric and I have created such a game and would like to share it with you now. Since I cannot record a video playing the game myself for reasons of anonymity, I have enlisted my friend Hannah (from The Road Paved With Words) to show you how it’s done. You can find her video at the bottom of this post.

The Challenge is called the ABCs Video Challenge. Here are the rules:

  1. There are three sections: A, B, and C. If you play each individually, then you get three minutes to complete each section. If you’re playing them all at once (back-to-back, as it were), then you get ten minutes total.
  2. There are twenty points possible for each section, one point for each book you find within the time limit that meets the requirements of Challenge. There are sixty total points possible in the ABCs Challenge.
  3. You may not use the same book twice in a section; all twenty books must be unique. If you are planning to play A, B, and C all at once, then all sixty books must be unique. 
  4. Don’t worry about explaining your choices while you hunt for the books. You’re on the clock, after all! You can go through and explain your choices after you have completed each section (or the whole Challenge, if you’re doing them all at once). Obviously some of the questions from the Challenge will be subjective. It would be good share why you chose the books you did!

highly recommend that you split up A, B, and C. It is much, much easier that way (Hannah didn’t, and you can see where that got her). Also, this challenge might be easier if you have someone to read you the questions while you hunt. 

Here are the questions for each section:

A Is For…

  1. A for Alliteration: Find one book where the title words all begin with the same letter (ex: Alice the Aardvark).
  2. A for Agnostic: Find one holy book from any religion.
  3. A for Adaptation: Find three books that have been adapted into film (movie or tv series).
  4. A for Adventure: Find one book featuring a car, plane, boat, or spacecraft on the cover.
  5. A for Alphabetical: Find one book where the author’s last name begins with the letter A.
  6. A for Asia: Find one book set on the continent of Asia.
  7. A for Absent: Find one book with a title that doesn’t include the letter (ex: Spring Blues).
  8. A for Animal: Find one book with an animal in the title (ex: The Very Hungry Hippo)
  9. A for Author: Find three books by the same author.
  10. A for Atlas: Find one book that has a map at the beginning.
  11. A for Angst: Find one book that you wished ended differently.
  12. A for Antisocial: Find one book that you read in one sitting, depriving yourself of human interaction until you finished it.
  13. A for Autograph: Find one book that has been signed by the author.
  14. A for Authority: Find one book featuring an oppressive authority figure.
  15. A for Attrition: Find one book featuring a high character death count.
  16. A for Aromantic: Find one fiction book with no love story.

B Is For…

  1. B for Boy: Find three books with male protagonists under the age of 20 all written by different authors.
  2. B for Beginners: Find one book that is a How-To.
  3. B for Biography: Find one book that is a biography of a famous person (not a memoir or autobiography).
  4. B for Bad: Find one book that everyone praises but that you hated.
  5. B for Bought: Find the last book you purchased with your own money.
  6. B for Blood: Find one book involving vampires.
  7. B for Before: Find one book that is a prequel.
  8. B for Big: Find the thickest book in your library.
  9. B for Battered: Find one book in a wretched state of disrepair that you just can’t bring yourself to give up.
  10. B for Bookmark: Find one book with a bookmark still in it (including receipts, tissues, greeting cards, etc.).
  11. B for Burn: Find one book with fire on the front cover.
  12. B for Borrow: Find one book that you’ve borrowed and haven’t yet returned.
  13. B for Boxset: A series that is still in a boxset
  14. B for Beauty: Find the book with your favorite book cover.
  15. B for Brevity: Find three books with one-syllable titles (ex: Love).
  16. B for Book: Find one book that has the word book in the title.

C Is For…

  1. C for Counting: Find three books with numbers in the title.
  2. C for Canoodling: Find one book with a couple on the cover. 
  3. C for Comics: Find one graphic novel or comic book.
  4. C for Classy: Find one classic novel written by a female author.
  5. C for Contrast: Find one book with a black and white spine.
  6. C for Clocks: Find one book with a clock on the cover.
  7. C for City: Find one book with a city’s name (either real or imaginary) in the title.
  8. C for Character: Find one book where the main character’s name is in the title.
  9. C for Century: Find three books from authors that wrote exclusively in a century other than this one.
  10. C for Crime: Find one book in the detective or crime genre.
  11. C for Conflict: Find one book featuring a war.
  12. C for Comedy: Find the funniest book you’ve ever read.
  13. C for Children: Find one children’s book that you just can’t part with.
  14. C for Creepy: Find one book that gave you nightmares.
  15. C for Charm: Find one book that features magic.
  16. C for Chemistry: Find one non-fiction book on the subject of science.

Here is Hannah’s video. She decided to try doing A, B, and C at the same time and without a partner to read the questions (poor dear):

If you make a video taking he ABCs Challenge, I hope you’ll send us a link to it through our submission box! I would love to add them to this post! 

Have fun!


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Probably not for a while! That was a ton of work over a long period of time, and I could use a break!

Don’t forget about the Album Challenge though! It won’t be settled by Duels, but don’t hold that against it!

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Anonymous asked: "Was any decision reached as to the prize of the challenge?"

As far as I know, C is planning to stick with the the-winner-can-have-their-way-with-WriteWorld prize. Unless the winner has another agreeable suggestion, I think that the prize C offered is the prize they’re likely to get, take it or leave it.

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