I am so surprised when people don’t know about this amazing resource. I basically tattoo it on my students.

It has insane amounts of information on so many markets. By signing up, listing where you are submitting, are accepted, and rejected, you help improve the stats they keep on each journal/website/magazine. It’s also a great way to keep track of where you submit, in case you have to pull a piece from another magazine because it was accepted.

They make it very easy to search for the journal/website/magazine you might want to submit to.

They have a list of Deadlines/Themes, including poetry and fiction deadlines.

They also keep a very comprehensive list of information including: the fastest journals to reply, the slowest that reply, the ones that accept the least, and ones that accept more than they reject.

If you’re a writer that wants to move off your blog, Duotrope is a great place to start and is completely 100% free and there to help you.

Source: girlvswhale