Anonymous asked: "You should give credit to the artists that have painted/photographed the pictures you use! Btw I love your blog"

(I’m going to be a little frustrated now. Please just try to remember that I’m a human, and sometimes I get miffed.)

I just have no idea how you could think we don’t cite our sources. I am totally at a loss.

Click the image. It takes you to the source. If you’re on your dash, there is also a source link at the top of the post. If you’re on our blog, a source link is at the bottom of the post. It literally says, “Source: __________” with a clickable link in both instances. And if you’re on your phone, the source link is just underneath the image.

We even address this exact issue in our FAQ, which you have to at least know about if you composed this question on our ask page

I don’t know why you think we don’t cite our sources. I don’t. Do we come across as the type of blog that wouldn’t cite sources?

We get this message at least once a week. I know the philosophy that if one continually confuses the users on a website, then the problem lies with functionality and not with the users, but I’m out of ways to make things both efficient for me, the person making the posts, and obvious enough for you, our wonderful, thoughtful followers who I know absolutely mean well. If a writing help blog (or anyone) wasn’t citing their sources, I’d want to send them a message, too.

But we do. Cite our sources. We totally do.

Therefore, I’m just going to delete messages of this kind from here on out. K would probably already have just deleted this message without this long explanation, but I wanted to address this one final time. 


P.S. Thank you for the love! We always appreciate it, even if we’re frustrated!

We had three questions in our ask box yesterday about the Image Blocks, so we’d like to address them all in this post. 

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I know this is shocking, but I’m still trying to come up with a suitable new theme for WriteWorld.

Here’s my latest attempt.


Anonymous asked: "On your site, the sidebar links to the image/sentence/music blocks don't seem to lead to the right pages. (For example, sentence blocks leads to a url for "sentenceblocks," but your posts are tagged "sentence-blocks.") Just noticed and thought I'd point it out!"

You’re confusing me.

You’re saying out links don’t work. But they totes do.

Check it out:

There’s a jump page because we might add other links related to Sentence Blocks there later.

I hope that clears things up!


Hey there. We’re going to switch over to our new theme tonight, an example of which can be found here.

Do you have any final suggestions for improvement before we update our theme?

UPDATE: I take it back. Apparently I need to rethink a bunch of stuff. Again. So it’s a no-go on the new theme tonight.

We changed the background color and things.

Dude, if you guys have any suggestions on how to fix color contrast or whatever on the new WW layout, please let me know! I’ll even give you access to edit it yourself!

Any help is appreciated.


What do you guys think?

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C has been toying with a new theme that will show more links in the sidebar for super-navigation and which includes a search box. The link above is to the template, so don’t expect too much from the links in the sidebar or anything. We’d just like to know what you think of the layout/font size/etc..


yen-yaw answered: Post less and in groups.

Not sure what that means… Can you be clearer?

owakura answered: well… tags are useful. Just tag well. Word clouds and tag clouds can also be useful.

We try to be both specific and broad in our tagging. We have conventional tags that we use over and over (e.g., “character tips”, “writeworld responds”, “image blocks”, “writing tips”). How would tag clouds be useful?

andisupposeyouhaveabetteridea said: I think you need to change your layout. I have a smaller-than-average laptop, and I can’t actually see all of the links on your sidebar. Other than that, I actually think you have great tagging - you seem pretty organised to me.

If you have a suggestion for a new layout, we’d be open to checking it out.

tropesarenotbad answered: Tags. If you had tags for “plot”, “character”, “structure”, ect, then people could search a lot easier.

We do tag our posts with all conventional, general tags like those you mentioned.

ezzydean said: I think the biggest thing is that so many of your sidebar links all seem to lead to either blank or unfinished pages. You need someone to fill up the content on these pages to make it all easier to use and find. Maybe add a search bar too?

We’d love to fill up the content on these pages. That takes time. How would having more content make the content easier to find? We like the idea of a search bar.

medleypond answered: I wanted to point out that though you have links to each kind of block, the pages there are empty…? It may just be a coding issue.

The pages are not empty. There is a link to a complete list of each type of Block on these jump-pages (as we call them). The Sentence Block jump-page has a poem on it, the Music Block jump-page will eventually have a complete playlist of all our Music Blocks, and we’re not sure what we’re doing with the Image Block jump-page yet. Any ideas?

Please drop us an ask with any suggestions you may have. Thank you!