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amgeisterhaftesten-deactivated2 asked: "I know that testing is different for all states, but here we had to take a literacy test at the end of every grade up until eighth grade, and that test would help determine if we went onto the next grade or not. However, it was pathetically easy. After that we only had to take one more exam after tenth grade English and if we did not pass that we could not graduate. The tenth grade test was a little harder than the previous tests. All of them still took up half a day though."

littlelibero asked: "Thank you kindly! Though, I fear my opinions on the educational system may be a bit biased at the moment, considering I myself am still in High school. Perhaps my opinions will change over time, but at the moment-- well, I'd rather spend my time writing! Though, thinking of it, one thing that seems to affect the opinion of education among the newer generation is obviously the public media. Students in TV shows and books are generally never shown to have an interest in school, from what I've seen"

This is why I love characters like Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
 and Hazel (The Fault in Our Stars), as well as characters like Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). They read, and they still manage to be awesome. We need more characters like that in popular culture!

savingthejerk-deactivated201211 asked: "In Georgia, at least, we have lots of literacy testing. In High School, we have finals and midterms, of course. There was also a Graduation Test that I believe had Language Arts testing, but it is being cut out. Then, each year, in every class, we have performance finals in which we have to write essays to prove we can explain. For example, in math, you explain how you solved the problem with words, not just numbers. Then, in 10th grade, there is the Gateway where you have to write two essays."

Anonymous asked: "You'd be AMAZED at the number of people who can't pass the EQAO (Ontario's literacy) test (which when I was in school was grades 3,6,9 and 12). And the people who it takes more than 3 hours, especially those people with learning difficulties. Even with the test, the number of people who get to university without being able to read and write coherently is significantly higher than it should be."

velmagreenthespiderqueen asked: "Ah, as an afterthought to add to the undermining teacher! anon... Actually, I was in first grade for six weeks. That was the only time in my life I was considered ahead of my class. In fact, my teacher actually asked my teachers to stop helping me with homework, and often treated me unfairly because of it. She seemed to want to go out of her way to "dumb me down." And she did do a few things I would consider unfair, but I barely remember this woman, at this point, so this is mainly word of mouth"

velmagreenthespiderqueen asked: "I think maybe another problem is the systems eagerness to shove everything down our throats until we learn it. I mean, sometimes they try to make lessons "cooler" by using more modern works... some of which are very poor examples of literature. Last year I read The Hunger Games in class as an assignment. It wasn't bad, so no complaints there. I've come across people who were forced to read Twilight. No sparkly vamp jokes here, but... the way it's written looks like an awkward fanfiction..."

Oh dear. We’ve reached Twilight.

Let the angry anon messages commence.

dragonswords asked: "I think all of us should go live on a paradise desserted island."

Yes. I fear we will run out of paradisaical deserted islands, however…

Anonymous asked: "let's not forget bad teachers undermining kids on axis like racism or just preferential treatment to other students. I was lucky in that I was considered "smart" and enjoyed reading, but teachers would favor me and it was pretty gross ngl. Especially since I was so young and it was so blatant--that can do shit to kids' self-esteem, when not even your teachers value who you are or your contributions. not to mention that academic achievement is not the end-all of things"

penandpoison asked: "I just want to say that I am loving this discussion on literacy/learning in schools. It's a topic that doesn't get discussed enough, in my opinion. Keep it up! +thumbs up+"

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